OKQ8 Häggvik

In January 2012 OKQ8 opened Europe’s first sustainable petrol station at Häggvik in Stockholm. One important part of the project was the glulam – glue laminated timber – joists delivered and fitted by Martinsons.

Andrea Haag, environment manager at OKQ8, explains the thinking behind the project:

“When it comes to environmental impact, one significant area is energy use at our petrol stations. We had the idea of using a ground-breaking technology when building a new petrol station, and doing our utmost to build it sustainably. Then we hope to be able to use parts of the solution in existing petrol stations.”

The frame construction, for which OKQ8 had previously used steel, was an important issue at an early stage.

“There were some traditional reasons for not using wood, but we could see that lots of large buildings are being built in timber today. We looked at modern glulam structures and realised this could be a possible solution, particularly in view of fire safety.”

Andrea Haag goes on to say that the entire process was characterised by a sustainability approach, ensuring it works in financial terms as well as environmental ones. Health and safety are important parameters too and the glulam material works very well on all these points.

“Once everything has been evaluated, we will probably conclude that parts of the petrol station construction were good but that others were less good. The important thing is that we are learning and creating a sound foundation for further work on sustainable petrol stations.”

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