Strandparken Sundbyberg

In the attractive location of Strandparken on the Bällstaviken waterside in Sundbyberg, Stockholm’s first eight-storey building is being built entirely using modern timber construction.

Developer Folkhem has entered into a far-reaching cooperation agreement with Martinsons as the supplier and builder of four 8-storey buildings containing a total of 124 tenant-owner cooperative apartments. The first block was completed at the start of the summer and construction of the remaining buildings is in progress.

The buildings were designed by Wingårdhs Arkitekter and are entirely made in wood – the frame is in solid timber, the stunning façade in cedar shingles and the interior details are also in wood. The cedar shingles come from Moelven Wood AB and are untreated. This means that over time they will turn a silver grey colour.

The environmental aspects during production were extremely important for the client Folkhem.

“A building like this binds as much carbon dioxide as forty concrete buildings,” says Folkhem CEO Arne Olsson.

Strandparken is part of a long-term strategy that will see Folkhem building all its multi-storey apartment blocks in wood. 

No. buildings 4
No. apartments 124 tenant-owner cooperative apartments
No. floors 8
Built:  2012–
Client:  Folkhem
Architect: Wingårdhs Arkitekter
Builder: Martinsons
Timber frame: Martinsons
Frame construction: Solid wood
Facade: Cedar shingles from Moelven Wood

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