Älvsbackabron in Skellefteå is a 130 metre-long wooden bridge for pedestrians and cyclists. This makes it the longest single-span wooden bridge in the Nordic countries for pedestrian and cycle traffic.

Älvsbackabron crosses the Skellefteälven river, linking the districts of Älvsbacka and Anderstorp. Martinsons is responsible for construction, assembly and delivery. The bridge was opened in August 2011 and won the Årets Kommunaltekniska Projekt award for the best technical municipal project in 2012. 

The bridge is fitted with the same kind of communication technology found in smartphones. A total of five sensor systems have been installed, which will provide information on how the timber bridge is affected by external factors such as gusts of wind and pedestrian traffic. The equipment will also measure the seasonal impact on the bridge over a ten-year period. The result will be used when constructing bridges in the future. 

We will soon be building even longer bridges and this project will prove very useful in this respect,” says Peter Jacobsson, development manager at Martinsons Träbroar.

Client:  Skellefteå municipality
Built:  2011
Builder: Martinsons
Timber frame: Martinsons
Length: 185 metres
Span: 130 metres
Width: 4 metres

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