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Commissioned by Swedish Wood Building Council, Tomas Nord at Linköping University, has studied modern timber construction and its value for Sweden from three perspectives.

The study was summarised in the report Värden för världen - konsekvenser av ett ökat industriellt träbyggande (Values for the world – consequences of increased industrial timber construction). The whole report (in Swedish) can be downloaded here. The conclusions of the report are summarised below: 

The housing perspective

The growing need for homes is hastening the move towards increased industrial construction in which wood offers several advantages as a material. Increasing urbanisation also creates a need for tenant-owner cooperative housing and rented housing of various sizes and at varying price levels. Clear requirements such as smart layout, space efficiency and low noise levels are challenges for industrial timber construction, but ones where experiences so far are entirely positive.

The environment/climate perspective

The environmental aspect is highlighted by the housing consumers of today and tomorrow as an area in which willingness to pay is increasing. The environmental perspective shows advantages for wood material and in 2010 66 studies were compiled on the net impact of wood products on greenhouse gas emissions. The results support previous conclusions that replacing traditional building materials with wood reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

The industrial/employment perspective

The future labour shortage in the construction industry will increase interest in industrial timber construction. Demand for apartments increasing from today’s 16,000 apartments a year to 25,000 apartments a year will see industrial timber construction increase from just under 2,000 apartments to 5,000 on an annual basis. Such a trend means that within the housing sector alone there is the potential for six new factories and just over 1,000 new jobs in forest areas.


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Download the report Värden för världen - konsekvenser av ett ökat industriellt träbyggande in Swedish (pdf).

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