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The Swedish Wood Building Council works to encourage the greater use of modern timber buildings and structures in the Swedish construction market. We particularly focus on multi-storey buildings, public buildings and large road bridges.

We lead the communication work on the development of timber building techniques and provide information, expert assistance and project support for all initiatives taken across Sweden. We arrange timber building days and training courses for developers and municipalities.  Our work is run within the remit of cooperation between Swedish Wood (part of the Swedish Forest Industries Federation) and the wood processing and furniture industry organisation TMF.

Benefits of timber construction

Building using modern timber construction techniques is not just about the material but also about the system. The difference is clear if you compare timber construction techniques with the traditional construction methods used today. With industrial timber construction techniques:

  • Construction times are 70% shorter.
  • Labour requirements are cut by 50%.
  • We build industrially and replace the construction site with an assembly site.
  • We use industrial precision and build in a dry, quality-assured factory environment.
  • We cut carbon dioxide emissions in the construction process by 90%.

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